About the Author

Lyla Dusing is an author of non-fiction who has been known to dabble in fiction as well. She has a masters degree in communication from a major Southern California State University where she taught English, public speaking, and developmental reading and writing.

Quite a few years ago, Lyla was assistant editor for a regional golf magazine titled FORE, and an International trade magazine for the film industry titled American Cinematographer. She has had more than 100 articles published in local, national, and international media, including a script for an NBC sport special on the history of golf filmed at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Her latest book is Sugar Free and Lovin’ it: What have you got to lose? She has spent the last 35 plus years studying nutrition and has produced four limited edition cookbooks. This fifth book tells her story of sugar addiction and a hypoglycemia diagnosis and how changing her lifestyle changed her life. Half of the book gives the reader information that will help them understand what has happened in our food industry that directly affects our health. It’s sort of an expose. Do you know why artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight? Do you know some common breakfasts can use up all your recommended daily allowance of calories? Do you know that there are lots of brands of gluten-free beer and the best and the worst are in an appendix in the book? You will find out more about nutrition than most medical doctors get in medical school.

This book is about you and your health. It is especially important for diabetes, hypoglycemics, the obese, and overweight those with gluten intolerance. There is a special section on gluten free eating.

The other half of the book contains delicious, fully tested recipes with no refined sugar, low carb, and ideal for anyone with health issues.

Sugar Free and Lovin’ It will be out in paperback in early October.